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05 April 2013


Jocelyn K

Hi Elizabeth, someone just put a link to your Elzybells website on Splitcoaststampers and of course I clicked onto your blog link. It is so wonderful to hear about what you have been doing and to also get to know you a little from your list. I can relate to many of them and some of them made me laugh out loud - like "I can't dance - the end" - yep, that's me - and I can't swim either - tried and tried - just doesn't work for me.

If you ever have a spare 5 mins and have a peek at my blog, you will see that I still use your Elzybells stamps - and I was so thrilled that Penny Black has released some of your stamps. Can't wait for more releases.

{{hugs}} all the way from Australia
Instead of Ironing Blogspot

Katie Hone

OMG I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading all 50 of these little factoids about yourself. I don't know you at all and now I feel like we have an enormous amount in common!!! How great. I will almost certainly HAVE to compile this list at some point!

In fact I may go start it now because I have all sorts of bizarre quirks!! I particularly liked 21. Even though I'm certain I've fallen into that trap a few times (hopefully not in this post)!!!

dawn clarkson

Wow... so interesting. This is one of the only '50 things about me' posts I actually got to the end of! I also can relate to many of your facts like 8, 9, 11 and 35! We could be sisters but I'm not lanky (only 5 foot 2). :)

Cloud 9 Design

Jocelyn -
Hello!! I remember you from the Elzybells days, so glad you are here! I will certainly pop over to your blog and have a good nosey around... I'm lovin' the sidebar, he he! :D

Cloud 9 Design

Katie -
YES do it, do it!! I'd love to read it :D
I didn't think I'd be able to come up with 50 things but I really had fun once I got going!

Cloud 9 Design

Dawn -
I'm glad you can relate to a few and I'm chuffed that you made it to the end, honestly, I do go on a bit at times ;)
My eldest sister is only wee, go figure...?!


Hi Ella, how fun to read all those facts about you. I loved reading them and learning some more about you :D Thanks for sharing! Giggled a bit about the little face drawing, this could soooo be me too LOL :o)

Have a great weekend!


First time visiting your blog. Saw someone's card with your stamp image (60073-a cute girl driving). A cute stamp image so I try to find out more and eventually got here. But I don't seem to find stamps in your online store. Anyway, I enjoy reading those fun facts about you a lot!

Cloud 9 Design

Hi Petti,

I'm afraid I no longer sell stamps (I closed my company a couple of years ago). I design a little for Penny Black but they haven't taken on any of the girls, sadly.



Came to your blog from Splitcoaststampers. I loved reading your 50 list. Quite fun.

Cloud 9 Design

Thanks Lorie, hope it gave you a giggle! ;)

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